We are a fieldwork network that operates in Adalusia and nationally, Ceuta and Melilla included.

Quantitative Research

We rely on quantifiable data (numbers) to research, analyze, evaluate, predict and verify information, data, attitudes, motivations, preferences, opinions, and people’s or market’s behaviors through sampling strategies. We specify and delimit the association or correlation, besides the strength of the variables. In other words, we use quantifiable values such as percentages, magnitudes, rates, and costs among others. We ask the questions to each participant and we get the numerical samples.

To accomplish it, there are a wide range of dynamics:

  • Computer based interviews
  • Individual Surveys (face to face and Tablet)
  • Real time monitoring
  • Telephone interviews
  • Hall test
  • Online interviews
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Standards, quality, satisfactions audits.
  • Price controlling
  • Campaign implementation
  • Point of sale comprehensive management
  • Audiences segmentation
  • Message development
  • Media analysis and monitoring
  • Etc

Qualitative research

We use this methodology to know about the behavior, perceptions, motivations, cultural analysis, etc… of a specific population. We thoroughly study events, facts, people, situations, behaviors, experiences, attitudes, beliefs, etc that participants experience or state. The collected information is not numerical and it cannot be defined with scales. It is open to the use of images, talks, storytelling, text, and observations in the context.

There are different instruments we use:

Individual instruments:

  • In-depth interview
  • Ethnography
  • Direct and indirect observation
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Pseudo Shopping
  • Etc.

Groupal instruments:

  • Informants recruitment for focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Dyads
  • Triads
  • Focus group
  • Heurístics
  • Seminaries
  • Etc.

When finished, we offer a codification service, data recording, tabulation and transcription of the data, reports, conclusions, statistics analysis, etc. We adapt to the specific requirements of each client and its needs.


  • Team: Sociologists, fieldwork coordinators, pollsters, fieldwork supervisors, recruitment officers, administrative and management workers.
  • Process care
  • Permanent feedback
  • Daily and weekly updates
  • 24 hours assistance 365 days a year

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